Journal 10 prompt 9

At the beginning of the film you wouldn’t think Thomas and Victor would be a close as they were at the end. To Victor Thomas was this annoying boy who always told stories. He didn’t mean any harm, for the most part he just wanted friends on the reservation. Victor to me didn’t seem like he wanted any parts of Thomas. I wouldn’t say he bullied him, but he did belittle him. Talking to him like he was a child, like he didn’t know right from wrong.

Thomas didn’t know some things, like how they got on the bus to go get Victor’s father’s truck, the driver and some passengers were looking at them as if they smelled something foul, just because they were Indian. Thomas was a bit soft, naive, and a little oblivious to what was going on. That’s when victor told him to that he had to act more “Indian” like. Thomas wore his hair in two braids like Pocahontas. Victor told him to take his braids down, so his hair would look like his. Also Thomas Changed his clothes to look like Victor. For the most part Thomas didn’t know that he was annoying Victor, but he would only tell him stuff that would motivate him.

For example when They up and left Suzy’s place with out giving her any notice, Victor was upset, and kept making negative comments. He even said that he wished his father would of let Thomas burn in the fire. He was illustrating that he was jealous. He wanted to know why his father didn’t try to save him. Arnold felt the need to save Thomas, because on the night of the party he was drunk and mistakenly burned down the house. That resulted in the death of both Thomas parents. After Victor continually blowed off Victor, Thomas was still there to pay their way to Arizona. That’s what good friends do.

I don’t think Victor realizes how much of a real friend he has right under his nose. After all the trials and tribulations Thomas and Victor got really close. Sometimes that’s what most friendships need, is to test the waters, if they are really here for you or not. Victor even gives Thomas his father’s ashes to throw into the water. Thomas knew so much about Victor’s father that he didn’t even know himself, or at least he really didn’t care that much to think that far about the situation.






When Sherman Alexie left the reservation it did him more good then it would of if he would of stayed. Even though he didn’t keep up with his family and friends it was still a come up for him. It can never hurt to go outside of your comfort zone. You can meet new people, learn new things and take it back to your culture and show them different things. Or keep what you learned for your own knowledge.

The disadvantages of leaving your reservation would be not knowing anything that’s going on wit your family, also having to deal with the difficulty of adjusting. That’s depends on how your attitude it. For example if you are a shy, quiet person and like to be alone then it might be hard to become accustomed to the new environment. If you are a brave, out going, enthusiastic person it wouldn’t be hard to adjust. Its like coming to college. Leaving everything you have at home. Such as friends and family. Minus the dis attachment from your family. New, unknown environment, new people who most likely are going through the same changes like you.

I am that brave person who isn’t afraid to leave where I came from. It didn’t take me long to get the feel of the campus and the people on it. Making new friends and learning what they do different than my family and I, and possibly I can take it back to educate back home. The people I meet can do the same.

Journal #8 prompt #5

Journal #8 Prompt #5


Alexie has written about a minority group because that’s what he is. These shorts stories discuss drinking and substance abuse, also numerous events where people were fighting and arguing. The most issue is living in poverty. I feel that a lot or almost all other minority groups can relate to this. Other minority groups that I’m speaking of are Blacks, and Hispanics. Substance abuse and alcohol problems occur because of poverty. Let me explain. In a situation where you cant stay on top of your bills, or owe a lot of money to a certain someone or company, what or who do you turn to? A lot of people think that getting drunk or high can make their problems go away. That is only a temporary fix. It relieves stress for the moment. The fighting and arguing come with the alcohol and or substance abuse. When your under the influence, it puts you in another state of mind. When I read these short stories it makes perfect sense. This stuff happens  not only in Native Americans but Hispanics and Blacks. More then the majority. Not in the same content but I have witnessed these situations. A family member had a little too much to drink and a family function and has a quick temper. Also they have no problem with starting a fight if someone says something out of line. Moral of the story I am a minority In the U.S. And I can relate. He is just telling the story from another perspective.